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  • Dicow

  • Company and Technology Introduction

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  • Noahsori Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction It is an innovative start-up company that aims to grow into a small but strong company by doing research and development with innovative items that can contribute to public safety and social safety net establishment.

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  • Company and Technology Introduction Drone training and drone sports platform applying AR and ICT convergence technology.<br><br>Unlike general drone competitions, in case of drone flight training or drone competition using a competition system composed of gates equipped with high-sensitivity lidar sensors, the flight path of the drone and mission data performed by the drone can be checked in the control system. and can be used as learning data for autonomous drones using the data.

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  • TEEware Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction TEEware is a security startup specializing in the research and development of Confidential Computing solutions such as cryptographic key management products built on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology.

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  • Company and Technology Introduction Our company marks its sixth year in the industry in 2021 And Under the slogan "Today for a hundred years." Starting from Ulsan, we are planning to carry out franchise businesses such as Busan, Daegu, and Jeju. Currently, it is Elemedia, which aims to be a domestic company to a promising export company. Elemedia is mainly responsible for producing, acting, and designing LCD video advertisements, The product is "One more time, one more time in the Eleme application" in the elevator. It is an apartment community application that provides residents with community and additional services they need in their lives. Advantages include apartment advertising, delivery service, apartment news, event participation, item sales, help service, and education service. Checking apartment advertising, delivery service, and apartment news, andparticipating in events, selling items, help service, education service, etc.

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  • SAM Corporation Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Sam Corporation is an artificial intelligence-based platform that develops "Story Creator", a storytelling community that creates stories and generates revenue with people around the world.

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  • COCODRONE Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Cocodron Co., Ltd. makes a block-type DIY drone that helps to learn drones easily and safely with paper, so that you can easily understand the principles and structure of drones. In order to create a safe world with drones, we are helping anyone to easily access drones that are considered difficult through filming, safety inspection, and after-sales service.

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  • JONGDAL Lab Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction We provide technology and solution based on IT to solve problems in various fields.

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  • ADDD Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction We dream of being the next google but offline. Through technology we would like to help peoples life for the better. Even though ADDDs service is technology oriented we would like to spread the service through people. This will create a bond with the whole of humanity, starting with the bond with the members of the company. Furthermore the services we want to provide will be applied domestically but also internationally.

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  • Batoners Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction humane technology for social problems

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  • CASELab

  • Company and Technology Introduction Case Lab Co., Ltd. pursues professional leadership in the field of robot intelligence through AI algorithms, smart sensors, and smart actuator technologies.<br><br>We provide our customers with the best products and services. Case Lab's intelligent autonomous driving robot is based on semantic SLAM in the indoor/outdoor robot field.<br><br>enable platoon autonomous driving in In particular, its own Semantic Technology Framework recognizes sensor data and domain-specific knowledge.<br><br>It learns a combined surrounding model like a liver and enables autonomous navigation and map building, object and place recognition, obstacle avoidance and manipulation. Such<br><br>Based on the technology, Case Lab's safety diagnosis robot has been applied to steel mills, thermal power plants, and chemical plants, and has proven its excellence by completing empirical evaluation.<br><br>I did. Case Lab's robot is a robot that can perform remote diagnosis and monitoring by putting it in an environment or dangerous area that is difficult for humans to access.<br><br>It can be used in industrial and defense fields.

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  • YesNow Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Yesnow is fashion tech start-up, and we provide AI service that recommend perosnal fit based on body and clothing information. With high technology and competitiveness, we have been selected to TIPS, and got invested by Douzone Holdings. Our service has been actively introduced to many fashion companies only after 6 months of release.<br><br>Yesnow pursue to build a bigdata platform which can connect data and optimize decision more than just improving business performance.

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Health Tech
  • JoyFun Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction JoyFun Inc. is a company with the world's most accurate and fastest technology in extracting human skeleton information by just using a camera. JoyFun Inc. developed unmanned AI PT training content that can be used in GYM using the extracted skeleton information, and also developed home training content. These contents are named as JoyFitness TM and JoyHomeT TM , respectively.<br><br>

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  • BANCO Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Banco is operated game development and cryptocurrency exchange.<br><br>also we can develop functional games, blockchain, fintech, and various things.

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  • Innsys Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction An online platform business that can manufacture and distribute "customized cosmetics," a new growth area of K-beauty, by helping with systematic skin care by utilizing inexpensive personal skin measuring devices of less than 100,000 won

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  • DNX Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction TouchCare is a domiciliary care solution for the elderly. It collects data from a senior’s environment via patented touch-based technology. <br><br>It uses this data to build profiles of the senior’s Activities of Daily Behavior, and then uses AI to <br><br>a) predict health decline and the onset of conditions such as dementia, b) provide carers with live remote monitoring, <br><br>c) decrease the seniors’ depression and loneliness, d) promote positive, healthy behavioral change in seniors<br><br>

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  • The Coder Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction The coder Co., Ltd. is developing and selling customized cosmetics solutions through beauty devices. DoT coding technology is being developed for beauty devices and secure printing. DoT refers to technologies and services that provide security or marketing content by applying invisible code to the surface of various objects. Founded on August 17, 2016, The Coder Co., Ltd. is a fourth-year venture with 22 permanent employees and 1,890 (KRW) software development and supply business, and achieved 1,097 (KRW) fiscal revenue in 2020. The head office is located in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, and the head office is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The company filed a patent application for Boonex's "Mask Pack" maker in February (2020-0025205; skin care service device and its operation method), and a patent application for the next development product, "Cushion" (Method of manufacturing and implementing daily cushion cosmetics) in December (2020-01783). We have invested about 400 million won from the time of prototyping to the present to develop mass-production products by manufacturing inside and outside of BUNEX and improving materials and structures.

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  • icubes Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction icubes Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, produces, and sells bone conduction headsets for radios, bone conduction voice amplifiers, and sound devices by applying Micro Vibration technology.<br><br>It is a technology that can recognize sound by transmitting a vibration sound to the auditory nerve through a bone conduction through a micro vibration speaker equipped with a micro vibration device.<br><br><br><br>In addition, using this technology, we completed the development of a bone conduction earphone for military use and a neck microphone (a bone conduction headset for radios) with a R&D fund of 1.1 million dollars from the Defense Science Research Institute and the Navy.<br><br><br><br>In addition, we are developing smart earphones, bone conduction voice amplifiers, and Bluetooth smart hearing aids for the protection of hearing impaired people and hearing loss. In the future, we will continue to be a company that promotes happiness in human life by providing safe sound.<br><br><br><br>We ask for your interest and love for icubes Co., Ltd.<br><br>Thank you.

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  • FLY GOOSE Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction FLY GOOSE ‘s headquarter is in Busan with branches in Seoul and Bangkok, Thailand.<br><br><br><br>FLY GOOSE Thailand.Ltd. has many distribution networks like Lazada, Shopee.<br><br>Through the distributed networks products are being exported overseas.<br><br><br><br>We plan to conduct business connecting Korean manufacturers and buyers in Asia using our own export platform.<br><br><br><br>Our goal is to become a global distribution network company, exporting products of small and medium-sized companies in Korea and our PB(private brand) products.<br><br><br><br>In other words, the ideology of FLY GOOSE is<br><br>Not just connecting manufacturers and consumers, but connecting Korea and Asia.

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  • Company and Technology Introduction Lillycover is based on skin diagnosis through the Muilli skin diagnosis device connected to a mobile application and analysis the skin types through an algorithm with 110,000 bigdata's. After the analysis Customized Cosmetic (BalanX) will be manufactured through a manufacture machine (Enima) in 2 min which has 25,000 recipe, and a delivery service to your home, and the mobile application (DangBu) will help all processes and 1:1 untact counselling with skin specialists. Lillycover is rolling the total platform for skin care.

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  • CIRCLIN Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction We redefine the concept of health care through the platform 'CIRCLIN'.<br><br>We believe that healthy daily lives come together and make the world more healthy.<br><br>Take off the frame of tedious, demanding health care.<br><br>We are creating ORANGE SYNDROME that aims for a 'Fun' health care culture that starts from their own places and enjoys together.

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  • Korea Hanmaek Medical Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Currently, patients in nursing care integrated services must go to the<br><br>bathroom. As a result, falls and safety accidents occur in the middle. The<br><br>patient shower carrier does not need to move the patient to the bathroom. It<br><br>can prepare for various falls and safety accidents and reduce the labor force<br><br>of caregivers. Improving the quality of integrated nursing services.

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  • Myo-Tec-Sci Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Myo-Tec-Sci was established to develop a treatment for sarcopenia using new mechanism muscle mass-regulating substances, discover new myokines based on the world's first myokine discovery platform technology, develop artificial amino acid synthesis agent and utilization technology, construct a pipeline for continuous new drug discovery and develop new drugs for the treatment of first-in-class block-buster sarcopenia.

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  • OZ Sepa Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction "Woirld first commercialized filter in direct oil-water separation field<br><br>Excellent efficiency for oil spill response<br><br>Effective for every kind of Oil spill<br><br>Recovery ratio is more than 90%, comparing to 40% absorbent way.<br><br>Fast, economic and eco-friendly<br><br>Reusable of recovered oil<br><br>Wide usage<br><br><br><br>" <br><br><br><br>

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  • TensorEarLab Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Tensor Ear Lab Co., Ltd., which possesses world-class Bluetooth BLE control development and IoT core design and manufacturing technology, is doing its best to satisfy customers with the best quality. In order to improve quality, we established our own research institute and factory to take the lead in developing new products and reducing costs.

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Smart City
  • Eta Electronics Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Eta Electronics is a start-up company in electronics fields, developing the next generation of wireless power transfer solution called 'Eta-ON'. Founded in 2019, we are focusing on the development of cutting-edge technology, and we are also carrying out pilot projects based on our technology.<br><br><br><br>'Eta-ON' is a next-generation technology that acquires the highest wireless power transfer efficiency by controlling electromagnetic fields and enables ecosystem expansion by applying it to mobile devices, micromobilities, and robots. We aim to become a global leading company based on our unique control algorithm and system & coil design capabilities.

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  • Company and Technology Introduction Mikang Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the automatic fryer industry. Since its foundation in 2015, Mikang Engineering Co., Ltd. has been doing its best in each field with the goal of customer satisfaction.<br><br>We will do our best for technological innovation under the management philosophy of [Best Quality], [Best Service], and [New Product Development].<br><br>We promise that we will not be satisfied with the present, but will continue to strive to produce good products through new technology development for greater customer satisfaction.

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  • KEVIT Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction EV charging infrastructure IT solution company<br><br><br><br>KEVIT(Korea Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technology) is a start-up company focusing on the system platform in the EV infrastructure market. We are developing and providing core IT solutions that connect EV and charging infrastructure to reduce the stress on charging EV and allow them to move more conveniently in a wider area.<br><br><br><br>Also, we have been designated by Ministry of Environment as a project execution agency for supplying business of charging infrastructure. Therefore, we are contributing to the spread of EV by continuously building charging infrastructure and operating services.<br><br><br><br>Based on our technology and business capabilities, currently, we are providing EV charging technology and service operation management solution to public and private companies, in need of vehicle charging infrastructure. We are continuously expanding our business within the EV charging infrastructure IT solution market.<br><br>

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  • J2C Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Founded in 2015 with the philosophy of providing safe, accurate and easy-to-use iris recognition solutions at reasonable prices, J2C is developing various iris recognition devices, optical components and software. Based on the lens design and IR-LED package technology, J2C has developed its own iris recognition camera module and IR-LED module that can be applied to IoT devices, wearables, and mobile devices as well as iris recognition devices. J2C will change the paradigm of the biometric security authentication market by providing iris recognition solutions that satisfy the market demand for non-contact identity authentication technology.

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  • KJ&C Co.,Ltd.

  • Company and Technology Introduction KJ&C Co., Ltd. developed a QUICK CLIP module by introducing a scientific system to supply eco-friendly wood and to construct deck conveniently.<br><br>In addition, We are promoting the commercialization of a SMART BENCH that operated as a self-generation system utilizing new energy and is equipped with IOT / ICT technology.

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  • RAON A&C Inc.

  • Company and Technology Introduction Raon A&C Inc. is company that provides Actual Feeling Sound Solutions that can be used in various fields where sound is used, such as providing high-quality sound reproduction close to natural sound to audio listeners and providing VR/AR immersion through sound.<br><br>It is a company composed of professionals who have accumulated R&D and supply know-how for more than 10 years in 3D sound related companies.<br><br>Raon A&C Inc. has 3D sound-related original technology (5 registered patents, 2 applications, 1 PCT).

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